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4. 65 mm. The Zulaica Automatic Revolver M. Be the first to review this product . The area has been known for its metalworking resources and prowess for literally two thousand years, and it is little surprise that firearms manufacture would thrive there. This particular pistol was manufactured in 1926 (sn#15,XXX) by manufacturer Muguruza y Cia. C. But when I can I carry larger 44s and 45s and sometimes 6. Eibar Ojanguren y Vidosa 1925 1924 EIBAR 32-20 LONG CTG CAL. 38 Long Cartridge with six-shot revolving action and checkered  18 Mar 2018 Eibar Top Break . Single and final proof of self loading pistols and revolvers. Please add $25 for shipping. 1-inch barrel, and checked wood grips. Spanish Eibar model S . 44 Spl. I searched a lot about the company of the gun,its quality etc. It was built in Eibar, Spain in 1924 and it looks a lot like a Police Positive. This is such a gun. 19. 455 as the caliber markings look period & correct, plus the revolver was originally proofed in England as evidenced by the London proof-house stamps, but reproofed in the '50s/'60s when HEGE exported it back to the UK. it was that"GH" Trademark that got me until I dug into an older book and found that it stood for one of the myriad of Eibar Gunmakers, "Guisasola Hermanos". com (TGO) is a presentation of Enthusiast Productions. Mark used by Eibar proof house. 21. Although rich in history, it was not use on the front lines. Smith and Wesson New Model 3. H. General Hatcher describes the "El Tanque" revolver as withstanding savage overloads, and at a guess they might have use a tank as a trademark. Antique Cartridge Pistols, Handguns & Revolvers for Sale. Armas Garbi guns are manufactured in Eibar, in the Basque gun making region in the north of Spain. Make sure a gunsmith checks it before you shoot it- some of the S&W spanish copies are not even safe to shoot. “G” is for Guerrena Barrena, in charge of scale adjustments. The pistol does not have a slide stop/slide release. Remington 11. Depending upon the manufacturer, quality varies widely anywhere from terrible to acceptable. fair condition/holster wear but I don’t see any pitting or corrosion or “patina” Dec 25, 2011 · Many, many copies of S&W revolvers were made in Spain. Over 700 items for sale. 9063, 28 ga. Matches. Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:44 am . 5" barrel, with integral sights. 38 LONG CARTRIDGE, 3 4/5` BBL, SIX-SHOT, S/N 6514 from Proxibid, Inc. 65mm automatic pistols. These top break revolvers where typically produced as a copy to the Smith & Wesson M&P. 1890-1910, revolver manufacturer. for auction. Sep 01, 2007 · 1930 eibar 32-20 revolver, 32-20 long ctg 3477, alfa 32-20 revolver, eibar 1926 32 20 revolver, eibar 32-20, eibar 32-20 long ctg revolver, eibar revolver 32 20 order deac eibar . Description: For sale in this lot is a Model 1926. It features a 3" barrel, 7+1 capacity, and comes just the gun. Overall condition, as per Blue book of Gun Values guidelines, is 30%. Please note that while the Gun Africa (Guntree) admin is able to remove and block many posts, we urge you to use your discretion when dealing with new buyers and sellers. 32 caliber revolver. The city was chartered by Alfonso XI of Castile in 1346. SKU: 3795G Category: Grips, Buttplates & Parts The wildcard gun here is the L-frame Smith & Wesson Model 69 . 45 ACP Eibar Echevarria Spain 1911 Rare Beistegui responded with a much-improved gun, the MM31 (which, despite the implication of that "31", may have appeared in late 1930), a much closer copy of the Mauser original - rather M-30-ish, in fact, from the step barrel all the way down to the 12-groove grip panels. The sighted, standard length, 5 1/2", octagonal, . 38 special. Top Answer. USATO Marca: G. With the success of Browning’s Model 1903, Spanish gun makers adapted it to ease production. CANNA 4”. Browse Eibar guns for sale on Gunstar, the #1 shooting marketplace in the UK. “A” is for Alday, head of the engravers. 16" LONG. The rear sight is adjustable. 38-caliber S&W Military & Police revolver. Revolver, Arizmendi y To respond to this need, many gunmakers in the Eibar valley in the Basque Country, started producing revolvers for the French, blatently ignoring existing patents owned by Smith & Wesson, colt, and others. Hamilton, Montana 59840 Bista Eder, 10 • 20600 EIBAR • Gipuzkoa Tel. com. Sep 01, 2015 · Orbea Hermanos was an old/old manufacturing concern in the Eibar region of Spain - in fact, revolvers manufactured by them were carried by some of the Confederates in the American Civil War. 45 ACP REVOLVER for auction. C’est une copie du Smith & Wesson modèle Military and Police fabriqué par Eibar pour équiper l’infanterie durant le conflit. 44 Double Action England, France and Italy bought pistols and revolvers to Eibar (Spain). ) Most Nagant revolvers are essentially standard-type revolver designs, which are unremarkable except for their good quality and some unusual design “quirks” common to most Nagant revolvers. Lote 14388652 Cornell Publications | World's Largest Old Gun Catalog & Manual Reprinter. Arrlola Hermanos Revolver makers in Eibar, Spain, c. Serial #2089700 Spain - Hermanos Eibar Model 1854 Lefaucheux Style Pistol. He compares it to a WWI. It is a parts kit, sold as-is and includes everything pictured. Spanish copy of the S&W 3rd Model DA . REVOLVER, ca. This is a Rare 1926 Eibar Spain 32-20 W. Ruger Mark I & II. 44's. 350" over 1. Jul 18, 2020 · Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in magazine and clips. Jun 01, 2017 · I have an Eibar revolver dated as a 1925 firearm. Ruger Security Six. Eibar 32 S&W Long Revolver Kit. Early Eibar House Proof. 20 WCF CTG, the butt is marked EIBAR 1926 #8318, and the gun also has hallmarks all over the frame and cylinder. RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount Holder (45 lbs Rated) - Magnetic Holster for Handgun, Rifle, Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Airsoft, Magazines - Concealed Your Firearm on Car, Truck, Wall, Safe, Desk, Vehicle by RYMMES Eibar Lot Of 3 Spanish S&W Copy Revolvers, Blue 4" & 5" Double Action Revolvers, Need Parts/Work, ATF Modern No Ca . Zulaica started manufacturing 'Eibar' type automatic pistols under French army Jack First produces more than 3,800 high-quality parts for obsolete guns and carries new factory parts, offering friendly, expert service for your firearms parts needs. Out of stock. 84 likes. Eibar revolvers Description: 38 Special & US Service CTG revolver. I think I got this one figured outclearly it's an Spanish Eibar revolver and a copy of a Smith & Wesson K frame as it is covered in Eibar proofs and is even marked (upside down) "Eibar (Espana) Ano 1924" (Year 1924) on the barrel. I don't know if this is accurate or not, but, what I came up with said that these aren't very valuable as far as collectables go and these are the price ranges I was given: ORIGIN – SPAIN CALIBER – . Top price point guns, such as a side lock with 100% engraving coverage with some very intricate pattern (or a deep relief game scene) , fine wood, near new condition, might bring a couple of grand. 32-20 6-Shot Revolver parts and accessories with Numrich Gun Parts, the world's largest supplier of gun parts. Every item listed for sale on our website is in stock now and is available for you to purchase simply by . 32-20 WCF. Made in 1830-1840. 816. Tiene una extensión de 24,78 km² y 27 417 habitantes (2017), [1] con una densidad poblacional de 1106,41 hab. Smith and Wesson 44 Double Action Frontier. 44 Mag. We sell many hard to find obsolete gun parts for rifle shotgun pistol revolver gunsmith repair Hermanos Eibar Shotgun Forend Side By Side 12 Ga. Some of our most collectable antique pistols and handguns can be found in our cartridge pistols and revolvers category. Ruger 77. $129. Arrizabalaga, Hijos de Calixto Pistol makers in Eibar, Spain, c. Barrel marked "P. New and used original factory, hard to find and hi cap. US. It is very poor condition. began manufacturing 'Velo-Dog' type pocket revolvers in the early 1900s. Spain, 1st quarter-20th century. eibar (spain) models calibers si . revolver with detachable shoulder stock, with hookless trigger guard; Barrel length 178 mm, EIBAR MODEL 1914 CONVERTED . 38 special: GunBroker is the largest seller of Revolvers Pistols Guns & Firearms All Feb 12, 2019 · Stoeckel lists a previous company: Arizmendi & Goenaca, Eibar, ca. s. For your consideration is an Arana Y Compania - Eibar top break double action revolver. com Address: 169 S. 38 LONG REVOLVER is available on HiBid. with five inch barrel No 1 Mark 1” A FINE+ AMERICAN CIVIL WAR PERIOD SMITH & WESSON OLD MODEL 2 ARMY . 1929-1931. com provides a list of 51 Spanish arms brands and biggest Spain weapon makers together with their full listing of merchandise and contact form The Zulaica Automatic Revolver M. Jun 30, 2017 · Today we take a Look at a Spanish Production Ruby Pistol in . Make personal checks or money orders payable to Three A Investments LLC. P. I will post pictures of several markings on it on the main body, cylinder and butt of the stock. In 1905, Zulaica patented an unusual . Have your say on the game in the comments. Forgotten Weapons. Walnut Grips with a Lanyard Loop, Front Blade Sight, Rear Sight Carved into the  Gaztañaga Destroyer was an automatic pistol designed by Isidro Gaztañaga in Eibar, Basque Country, in 1913, using 6. caliber having a  Custom holsters for the assorted versions of the Eibar 'Ruby' type 7. com) is the premier Community and Discussion Forum for gun owners, firearm enthusiasts, sportsmen and Second Amendment proponents in the state of Tennessee and surrounding region. Top of barrel stamped “Manuel Escodin Eibar Spain 1926 model revolver” and on the side “32 long CTG”, and with Spanish proofs overall. Weapons master Marcelo Zulaica who later co-founded the company ‘Arizmendi, Zulaica y Cía’ (1914-1922). The M-1878 was the first of the “modern” Nagant revolver designs. The barrel is 4. M. There was plenty of revolver know-how in the area, with a lot of knock-off revolvers from Smith & Wesson, Webley, Colt etc. 38 police revolver @ £156. Remington 12 & 121. anitua eibar. One key difference is the cylinder latch. As the region's main urban centre, it has dense population, being an important trading centre and offering an interesting cultural activities. Like the 1903, the Eibar Type pistol is a shrouded hammer, single stack detachable mag, slide operated, blowback action, with an under barrel spring. Escodin Model 31 revolver; resembles S&W Military & Police. Mar 13, 2016 · Eibar 32-20 Spanish revolver Thought it may work with factory power loads or less with cast bullets. Eibar Revolver Smith Wesson Clone 38 Long. These were copied from Browning pistol designs and produced by  Description: ***GARATE ANITUA AND CIA EIBAR REVOLVER. . Dec 10, 2014 · Eibar “Spanish Model 92” Revolver December 10, 2014 Ian McCollum Revolver 41 Today’s post is a guest article written by Mike Burns, taking a look at one of the S&W revolver copies made in Eibar for the French military. Mar 26, 2011 · The German confiscated the revolver from French troops during the invasion of France. EIBAR REVOLVERS IN THE GREAT WAR (1) Sample of the revolver made by “Garate, Anitua y Cª” for the British Army in. 65 mm, automatic pistol "star" star, bonifacio echeverria, s. I cast some wax in one of the cylinders and it measured at the base . The Union Automatic Revolver of American origin. Located in Rapid City, SD, same-day shipping makes Jack First your go-to parts source. Oct 19, 2012 · Spanish Eibar/Ruby Pistols Back at the beginning of the 20th century, Spain had a significant number of relatively small gunmaking shops throughout its northern Basque area. Eibar. , 28" barrels, matted game rib, double trigger, with ejectors, blue and case hardening with light border engraving, blue barrels, case-hardened boxlock frame, lightly checkered European walnut stock, beavertail fore-end with basketweave pattern horn buttplate. Shotgun Barrels. BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE BLACK POWDER PISTOL MADE BY EIG EIBAR IN SPAIN. Garbi is a Basque word, which means, “clean” and is an acronym formed from the initials of the names of the firm’s founders. Tengo un revolver como el que mencionas Eibar de 1924 (unas de las pocas cosas que se puede leer en el cañón) guardado desde hace ya un montón de años. EIBAR . Arrostegui Eibar and Arizmendi y Goenaga Eibar also produced these revolvers during 1916-17, showing a somewhat lesser quality Double Action Revolver Chambering: 10. Barcelona. Depending on the markings, your gun was made likely right after WWI. 32 ACP (7. 22LR automatic revolver design, but few were ever manufactured and even fewer have survived Spanish copy of a Smith & Wesson 44 this revolver features a half moon front and rear notch sights. This Spanish made revolver is chambered in 32-20 long. "Apache" Revolver For. Spanish Pinfire Revolver. Eibar Country Spain Phone +34 (943) 201 831 Fax +34 (943) 202 606 E-mail sdeibar@sdeibar. 860Marcado el cañón con incrustaciones en plata:FA DE GALBARSORO EIBARCalibre 10 mm, sistema doble acción, se … LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, así como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. The deal is representative of SD Eibar´s growing presence in the country, which has increased considerably since 2014 New lines of revolvers began to appear in show windows of the cheaper stores. On some examples I have seen, a rivet was installed to keep the safety from moving to the “safe” position. The Spanish have a long tradition of producing firearms in Eibar, located in the Basque region. Mark used by branch house in Barcelona. Eibar 12 gauge Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H Trade seller - Advertised for 18 days until 7/07/2020 for £60 Bob's Gun Shop Inc. Springfield orbea hermanos . Eibar was a very common copy and was fair in quality. titan Gun Parts Lot All Pictured Parts 4 One Price Item 20-522. It is unfortunate from the point of view of history that weapons were not marked with a “date letter” as is customary with silver hall-marks, but the proof-marks stamped upon arms give no indication of the period of proof. " No import marks. Brand name of Hood Firearms Co. The town lies in a narrow valley in a mountainous area, the highest mountains are between 700 and 800 metres high. No box. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. IT DATES FROM 1931 BY READING THE HALLMARKS OF A KNIGHTS HEAD, SHIELD AND W/X. , located in the city of Eibar in the Basque region of Spain. Errasti Eibar, E. Minimum proof pressure is 8534 psi. 455 Hand Ejector, Trocaola, WW2 M&P. firms who made Smith and Wesson copies for import to the United States in the first half of the 20th century. 380 auto = 9 mm. Dec 10, 2014 · Eibar “Spanish Model 92” Revolver Top to bottom: . Manuel Escodin was located in Eibar Spain and they produced a copy of the Smith and Wesson Military & Police Model from about 1924 to 1931, chambered in. 412 Back to lot list Revolver, Arizmendi y Goenaga - Eibar, Lot No. Its chief industry since the 16th century has been the The Star Model PD is a compact and lightweight semi-automatic pistol which was manufactured from 1975 to 1990 by the firearms manufacturing company Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S. 380 Barrel Length: 4" Serial Number: S550124 Condition: Very good. 410. Frame features a "Crown/X", a "star/C" and a "Crown/R" proofs. Two minutes later, Suárez sprung the offside trap and galloped towards goal. Bright bore, strong rifling. Beistegui almost immediately supplemented that with a 20 shot variant. Chambered in . to purchase any item on this website. 2013-03-13 00:06:54 2013-03-13 00:06:54. Codice articolo: PU434 Tipo: REV. 95 $39. 29 Jan 2020 In 1914 the firm of Gabilondo y Urresti, revolver manufacturers, of Elgoibar, introduced an Eibar Type pistol in 7. The problem is there are a bazillion manufacturers in the Eibar region, and many of them are "cloners", so getting a definite make and model may be difficult without seeing it. 6 shot. 32 long ctg, 4. 455 caliber; Approved as the: “Pistol O. Estimate Price: $600 - $900. 38 S&W - TRADED This is a really nice example of the Smith & Wesson styled revolver made by the Eibar firearms manufacturers of Spain in the 1920's. Mar 29, 2011 · It was imported from Eibar, Spain, which is a city known for gun makers, some good and some poor. It would also be a very handy gun when using . 38 police revolver deac eibar . EIBAR. Only Factory or high quality aftermarket, no junk magazines here. Title: Pair of Pistols with Flintlocks a Las Tres Modas. 25″ LENGTH OF MAGAZINE – 3. $109. Pertenece a la comarca del Bajo Deva. of Eibar, Spain. It is a single action semi-automatic pistol that is of the recoil operated, locked breech design. market in the 1920’s. Only around 65 examples made. Gun Auctions Gun Consignment Gun Blog FAQ News & Events About Us. Arizmendi y Goenaga Eibar (under the brand name Ideal ) - French Military code stamp AG; Unknown manufacturer (under the brand name Lepco  This is a Rare 1926 Eibar Spain 32-20 W. 44 Special. This gun is in good vintage condition with moderate wear and surface rust. Primera División Match Report for Real Madrid v Eibar on 22 October 2017, includes all goals and incidents. Manuel Escodine Eibar Spain 1924 Model 32 Winchester Revolver. Has some very light wear, has a few light scratches. IT APPEARS TO FUNCTION BUT WE KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT THESE. Spanish EIG-Eibar Double Barrel Shotgun. Remington 8 & 81. Armas Bost, SA 1965 Shotguns Catalog, Eibar, Spain Star BM Factory Original Gun Magazine. Description: We are offering for sale a La Industrial Orbea Eibar. This semi-automatic pistol would make a great concealed to carry or back up weapon. 45 Long Colt. margaret_b: 08-May-2012 08:30: I did some research on this pistol because I have one as well. However, the cylinder doesn't doesn't appear large enough for. marcado . 36 Trigger Guard Grip Frame Fancy Stocks Italy 1851 Navy. 32-20 WCF Double Action Revolver manufactured circa 1920 in Eibar, Spain. Has 1924 stamped on butt of grip. 6:23. 5 cm, item is as shown in the photos Standard revolver "Puppy", offered in the catalogue of the firm "F Arizmendi y Goenaga", of Eibar, corresponding to years 1913/14. An early one - the Eibar "single and final proof for self-loading pistols and revolvers," a lion rampant (standing on one foot, more or less, and rearing dramatically). This is intended to be a technical article Eibar 1924 . One of Eibar's peculiar urban features is the fact that factories and houses live side by side, sharing the same space and creating a unique  View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1976 Vinyl release of Revolver on Discogs. This gun is in good vintage condition with moderate on Oct 24, 2015. Finalmente cerca de 300. Eibar proof for semiautomatic pistols. Now, users can recreate the experience of many lawmen and outlaws of ages past with this revolver. France needed a revolver that could chamber the 8 mm Lebel cartridge used in around the city of Eibar (north of Spain) and in the area of the French-Spanish  Spanish Made Eibar 32 20 Revolver. 5 mm calibre May 23, 2013 · Pleased you have been able to clarify the HEGE connection. NOTE: All parts kits are NOT functioning Description This is an EA Fast Eibar 32 ACP, an inexpensive, semi-autp pistol made in Spain by MAB (ECHASA) in the 1950's. Item Views. The Eibar pistol was a simplified design which often eliminated the Browning’s grip safety, moved the manual safety up toward the trigger, and utilized an exposed extractor. PARTS/REPAIR SPANISH EIBAR FAST 380 ACP I HAVE THE BROKEN FIREING PIN ONE OR ALL PARTS E-MAIL YOUR WANTS EIBAR FAST Model 25 6 SHOT 380 Acp Nickel 3 Inch Barrel , Light weight lowe (read more) Gun #: 985115799 This pistol used features patented by Pedro Careaga in 1911, and by the Esperanza and Unceta company in 1912. In stock. This was struck on the pistol after it had been fired four times with the type of powder standard for the gun. 1892 Revolver d'Ordnance, could not be produced in sufficient quantities to meet demand, so while many older Model 1873 revolvers were reissued, it was only a stopgap measure. 1 REVLVERES CENTRAL EIBARRESES, 1870s -1880s REVOLVER CENTRAL EIBARRS, DOBLE ACCIN, SEIS TIROS, CALIBRE 44, CAN LONGITUD 133 mm. 44 Russian or. Winchester 97 Trench Gun Magazine Plug Éibar (en euskera y oficialmente Eibar) es una ciudad y municipio de la provincia de Guipúzcoa, en el País Vasco (). It is very similar to the Spanish model 1863 except it is missing a lanyard ring, the trigger is folding and it has engraving. 000 armas de este modelo fueron puestas en el mercado. 000 ejemplares, antes de que la compañía desplazara sus talleres a Guernica. Interarms. On the slide it is stamped FaMARTIN A. BASCARAN-EIBAR. SOME PATINA AND A TINY BIT OF RUST TO THE METAL. The quality of most of their products is very good. BLUED FINISH. Ferlach smokeless powder proof for parabellum pistols Eibar final proof for revolver since 1929. Zulaica y Cia. 38 special: GunBroker is the largest seller of Revolvers Pistols Guns & Firearms All Buy online, view images and see past prices for Manuel Escodin Eibar Model 1926 Revolver. At the trigger it has the S&W emblem. Eibar FCA de Armas Garantizadas 1924 . 380 ACP WEIGHT – 16 OZ. It is a SA/DA, 6-shot revolver with a 4. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968. Artistic Arms, Inc. View this auction and search for other auctions now on the leading online auction platform. short. and revolvers since 1929 Eibar admission proof for guns with old marks since 1929 Eibar proof used in Barcelona for guns with old marks since 1929 Eibar final proof for revolver since 1929 Eibar proof for semiautomatic pistols since 1929 Eibar special manufacturer's mark for guns made for foreign sales Eibar 32 Long CTG Revolver Bare Metal. Savage 99. The Eibar name refers to a region in Spain long known for its cottage-industry gun makers. Owned by Narciso Zulaica, in Bidebarrista. EIBAR Modello: 1930 Calibro: 32 SW LUNGO Descrizione: CROMATA. Old Spanish Basque (eibar) revolver, very nice tanning on the bluish cylinder, the security mechanism for the bayonet works perfectly, the revolver is in working condition, very stiff hammer and clear and foldable trigger, lovely marking of the brand on the barrel, total length is 24 cm and without the bayonet it is 6. Lote 210679399 The gun I am searching for is a 7. Feb 27, 2014 · I am looking at a GARATE ANITUA & Cia - Eibar (ESPANA) 6 shot revolver with no caliber marks on it anywhere. to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Buy Spanish eibar revolver . Like the original, this revolver has a cover plate extending to the whole left side of the frame. being produced. Colt Army-Navy and Dragoon. 1915. The stripping pin is inserted through the cam path, and acts as the guide pin as on the swinging link, but the path can be designed to unlock the gun at different speeds at different portions of the slide travel; this theoretically allows for a smoother action, tuned to the firearm, slide weight and caliber much more so than any other system. 93. . Webley Mark VI shaved cylinder full conversion plate back to 455. 5" Long Barrel and 6 Round Capacity Reviews Phone: 406-375-5126 or 406-375-5353 Fax: 406-375-5355 Email: Info@CustomShopInc. Savage 29A & 29B. It is in fair condition with good original grips of pearl I think. Answer. You can get them for like $50. 95 Manufacturer: Eibar Model: Model 1929 Caliber Info: 38 Special Condition: Good Wood Condition: Very good Action: SA/DA Finish: Blue Jan 29, 2020 · In 1914 the firm of Gabilondo y Urresti, revolver manufacturers, of Elgoibar, introduced an Eibar Type pistol in 7. Pedro Arrizabalaga guns are manufactured in Eibar, in the heart of Basque gun making region in the north of Spain. A Scarce SPANISH copy. Eibar/ Spanish/ 1924 Eibar Revolver/30-20 Cal. 25 Ruby pistol (Spanish: Pistola Ruby) is the common name for the Eibar-type pistol (Spanish: Pistola tipo Eibar), a Spanish pistol. It sounds like grandpa doesn't want you fucking with his sentimental gun. $1,650. 040" to a shoulder which is . 45 ACP cartridge by shaving down the cylinder face. 44 break top revolver This grip is for the . S. $38. Search over 10 million items from over 2200 stores, auctions, and classifieds for the best price on any in stock gun for sale! Find the best gun deals! Colt Single Action Army 357 Magnum Revolver For Sale - Nickel Finished 357 Magnum Colt with 7. Shop for Eibar 1924 . variante del "orbea eibar. Caliber having a nine-round capacity, a feature considered new at the time. 32-20 Win. /km². Gunsmith: Workshop of the Ybarzabel family (Spanish, Eibar, recorded 1784–1891). The brothers Hilario and Jose Antonio Aranzabal founded in Eibar in the years 1883 a workshop of arms manufacturer where they were specialized in the copies of Russian revolvers which were lawful in Spain since 1884 up to 1906. 22. Buy It Now. F. It was produced in Gaztañaga y Companía, Eibar, Basque Country, and is notable for being a common Spanish handgun with the Eibar Type safety located above the grip. Echasa Model GZ Oct 19, 2012 · Eibar Manufacturers and Codes Please note: We are unable to verify much of this list, as we found it copied from a since-deleted web page and we have no source for the information. 95. Scottish Long Barrel Muff Pistol. 20. 2nd St. SN 1592. 45 ACP. Orientaprecios de Armas de Fuego antiguas en Uso. Manuel Escodin Eibar Spanish, 1924 Model. Model Megastar . 32 and. Ammoterra. The 5 inch barrel is marked 38 LONG but it does chamber 38 SPECIALS. The maker’s and production marks are stamped on the top of the barrel with the production codes reading “65125” and “10 4 H D 900 KG5 8” respectively. All metal gun in traditional Scottish style. Jul 28, 2016 · The primary issue French handgun at the time of the Great War was the Model 1892 Ordnance revolver. To the casual observer they seemed to be Smith & Wessons and Colts, and as the price was low, many were sold. 32 auto = 7,65 mm. Two barrel lengths are available. La producción de estas armas comenzó en Eibar donde se manufactutaron unos 50. Please see pictures for further details. K. 5" 357s Re: Revolver for Concealed Carry [ Re: mudhen ] #15076683 10 hours ago English . I would rate the original blue at about 90% with mixed Nov 06, 2018 · Eibar is the town in Spain where your gun was made. As the contract almost immediately escalated to 30,000 pieces a month, Gabilondo y Urresti subcontracted to a number of other Basque region manufacturers, including Bonifacio Pistol Grips. Nov 24, 2011 · Post subject: Eibar . , Eibar, Spain. 44 Revolver for auction. Arostigul, Eulogio Revolver maker in Eibar, Spain. 45 ACP Barrel Length: 5 inch Serial Number: c194 Here is one of the SPANISH made revolvers made in the post WW I era to imitate and compete with the COLT and SMITH & WESSON revolvers of the era. Serial #M35364. May 13, 2018 · The revolver may be a copy of the S&W Hand Ejector Model of 1926, due to the barrel marking. Jan 03, 2011 · The situation was worse in l'armee francaise than in any other army. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. Only when they were examined more closely was it apparent that the names “Colt” and “Smith & Wesson” stamped upon them applied to the cartridges they Feb 25, 2012 · If the gun is a plain box lock, minimal or no engraving, in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition, a top end price would be circa $400. My "summer city gun" is a Kahr PM in 45ACP and even sometimes a Ruger LCP in 380. SPANISH REVOLVER is available on HiBid. EIBAR, factory town. 00 qty: SPANISH MADE LICENSED COPY OF THE SMITH & WESSON POLICE REVOLVER. Since 1981. 1929-> Eibar. Gun is brass frame and this gun has been refinished. 00 $41. These patents may have covered the frame-mounted safety (instead of a grip safety), and an internal striker (instead of a hammer). 32-20 was a very popular caliber back then. Spanish Eibar 1914 revolver. Virtually all the major gun manufacturing companies had to deal with cheap imported firearms, but none were as troublesome as the Spanish imitations. Serial # The revolver might just be a textbook example of how old-school revolvers worked back in the day. Eibar Beistegui Brothers . Star model BK/BM/BKM 9MM 8 Round Magazine. The first two shots were proof loads which developed a 30% pressure surcharge, while the second two shots utilized standard cartridges to verify function. Similar to a model called the Basque Pocket. May 06, 2017 · Tennessee Gun Owners (TNGunOwners. Gun Review: The New FN 503 Micro Compact After 500 Rounds Earlier this year FN launched the FN 503, a slim, 6+1 shot single-stack 9mm that is the company’s smallest handgun in generations, and The French Purchasing Commission selected firm of Gabilondo y Urresti-Eibar and their "Ruby" clone of the FN/Browning Model 1903 pistol in . Five-chambered, fluted cylinder 1 1/4" long. Eibar is traversed by river Ego, which is a tributary of the Deba. During the First War World, England, France and Italy bought pistols and revolvers to Eibar (Spain). Inside of grip frame stamped "48. 65mm with Curved Serrations, an Eibar safety and the name "MARIE" If any one has info on that, please let me know. It has a nickel finish and plastic grips. Eibar is well known for its gun-making activity. Eig Navy . I think it is the name of the manufacturer. Classifed 634 (F) Military and Police Revolver, 8mm lebel, manufactured in Spain. We use them for fun. ” Quality can vary considerably, depending on which sub-contractor made the revolver. 6FT7XA-0ET4-00. Remington 24 & 241. looked to the Eibar arms industry as a source of handguns, which were very useful in the hand to hand combat of trench warfare. Eibar has an oceanic climate. Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these? Settings; Help; Suggestions; Privacy (Updated); Terms (Updated); Privacy dashboard; Advertise; About ads; About REVOLVER LEFAUCHEUX ESPAÑOL AÑO DE FABRICACION 1. Date: late 18th century. one thing I came to know was that there were some revolvers manufactured in eibar,spain at the time of ww1 for the spanish military. Final black powder proof for single and double barrel muzzle loading shotguns. EIBAR SPANISH REVOLVER MDL 30-LONG CTG,. These antique pistols for sale include everything from U. Thanks, Ralph rs7216 , Feb 21, 2009 Revolver from Orbea Hermanos factory, in Eibar, Spain. Manufactured by Garate y Anitua of Eibar and other Spanish producers, in the calibers . AYA 1947 Aguirre y Aranzabal Gun Catalog-Eibar, Spain $ 11. It is a conventional double-action weapon with a solid frame. D. 380 CAL PISTOL for auction. Semi-Automatic Pistol. lo demas anda bien. Eibar, Spain Apr 03, 2011 · I just inherited a pistol, where do I find out about it. 455 Webley cartridge to the . This well-made, well-designed double-action six-shot chambered an 8mm cartridge that fired a 121. 6″ Made by Echave, Arizmendi Cia, in Eibar, Spain, often abbreviated Escha. …knockoff from a colt 1903, used by the French military, about 1905, contracted with Gregorio Bulumburo or Eiber Spain to produce for the military, a 32 ACP that works on a straight blowback system. In the late 1920s the lion was also reguardant (looking over his shoulder). This piece features a polished wood chassis with a housing for the ramrod placed below the octagonal barrel. 65 mm) caliber. 45. Dozens, if not hundreds, of shotgun makers have been based in Eibar over the last hundred years, and just about all put out an array of different models. cal tambor 6 Cartuchos. Smith and Wesson Revolver Parts, 1st & 2nd Model American, Schofield and Old, Old Russian . Arizmendi, Zulacia y Cia, Eibar, official subcontractor of Galinbondo, manufacturer of pistols and revolvers since 1840. Only ship to FFL dealers within the U. CTG 6 Shot Revolver. 35 mm caliber. $46. Navy models to Webleys from across the pond to Continental rarities from France, Belgium, and Germany. Revolver, centre fire, round barrel cylinder 4" long, rifled with five grooves. Caliber / Gauge: . Under that it has a round button then the letters tian" CAL 765. Used after December 14 1929-present. Auction: 15661320 Values for ***GARATE ANITUA AND CIA EIBAR REVOLVER. Back at the beginning of the 20th century, Spain had a significant number of relatively small gunmaking shops throughout its northern   This revolver is an "EUSKARO", spain copy of the Smith &esson ". This auction is for a Echasa Eibar Model GZ chambered in 32ACP. The only difference is that you won’t be committing any crimes or having shootouts at high noon. REVOLVER Eibar CAL 8mm - Revolvers de Catégorie B (5322497) - Achat et vente de matériel et d'objets neufs ou d'occasion de chasse et de pêche - France needed a revolver that could chamber the 8 mm Lebel cartridge used in around the city of Eibar (north of Spain) and in the area of the French-Spanish  13-jul-2019 - blog sobre las armas de fuego,armas de fuego,pistola,revolver,fusil Revólver Orbea mod. 8" barrel 6-shot revolver in . Many of these were made in the early 20th Century as copies of better known handguns and sold under the name “Ruby” or “Star. Feb 20, 2008 · WTS/T - 1926 Eibar Spanish revolver . These pistols were brought in by the tens of thousands during the 1920's and 1930's and many are Notes: This is a Spanish revolver designed for police use, but also saw many civilian sales in Europe, Latin America, and the US. If you have more question feel free to contact us. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Eibar Ruby 1913 Automatic Pistol Cal . 00. I have a pistol but no magazine it is a fast eibar 380 9mm anyone have The revolver is marked on the right side of the frame with a Lefaucheux mark, "Break Open Pistol over LF". This is a COPY of a Smith & Wesson Model 1905. SKU. ROY DE ROUMANIE (The workers of Eibar/ His Majesty King of Romania) If you want to get him started with a . wb-18-4038. Sauer & Sohn Model 38. Manuel Escodin revolvers typically have an ornate Are there parts available for Fast Eibar pistol? 1. 455-caliber S&W Hand Ejector and a WWII. Apr 26, 2012 · Hi guys my father has a revolver of spanish make. 507" in length. 5. In 1914, Gabilondo y Urresti began production of a pistol based heavily on Orbea Hermanos revolver Made by Orbea Hermanos in Eibar, Spain, 1914-1918. The gun in the accompanying photos is an actual Gabilondo y Urresti-Eibar-produced pistol and owned by a friend. The gun was never officially adopted by Italy, but was widely acquired and used by the Royal Army. Made in Spain, and marked on the top of the barrel "Arana Y Compania - Eibar 1924" and has Spanish proofs and import mark on left side of frame and barrel. Dec 08, 2014 · Eibar Cal 38 Revolver Last Updated on Mon, 08 Dec 2014 | Firearms identification No. : 943 708 446 • Faxa: 943 708 436 • e-mail Pedro Arrizabalaga is one of Spain’s best gun makers. Anyone have any knowledge of these as they supposed to be a s&w copy of the old m&p revover. They build a traditional Holland & Holland type sidelock easy-opening action with the look and feel of a fine English double. MODEL: 1924 - SN: 21888 - SPANISH MADE - 4 1/4" BARREL A percussion pistol from Eig-Eibar. MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 In 1914 the firm of Gabilondo y Urresti, revolver manufacturers, of Elgoibar, introduced an Eibar Type pistol in 7. Originally a modification of the 1881 S&W top break design. The difference is, the cylinder release is in front of the cylinder, on the left side of the frame just below the barrel. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. 1862 (SN 11,XXX):In overall fine+ untouched condition. 1930. However, a . He also regards the "Destroyer" as extremely rugged, and speaks well of Gaztañage y Trocaola and of Alfa (who were no relation of the better-known arms and surplus dealing Alfa, Adolf Frank of Hamburg. 4 ½” barrel is good with surface wear; pitting. 38 Long 6-Shot Revolver. Name Estadio Municipal de Ipurúa City Eibar Capacity 8050. Under the handle it has the number 518528. Alaska. 32 LONG CTG. IT LOOKS LIKE A MAPLE WOOD AND STEEL. lo q mas me interesa saber es la fecha d producion de estos tipos d revolver, el funcionamiento del mio es muy bueno y no falla, solo que el tambor se doblo un poco en una muesca y no puedo ingresar el cartucho en 2 de los orificios. 75” and has nice wood checkered grips. TNGunOwners. Price: $299. 410 will just frustrate him to no end. The revolver, a 1915 model , is marked LES OUVRIERS A EIBAR / S. Eibar lies at an altitude of 121m above sea level, in the west of the province of Gipuzkoa, right next to Biscay. 32 S&W Long rounds, is a copy of Smith & Wesson Model 1905 "Military & Police" Bob's Gun Shop Inc. Star Eibar Spain. AN EIBAR 1926 MODEL DA REVOLVER. 360" and tapers slightly smaller to . The cylinder is 1. ARANZABAL - EIBAR (ESPANA)" with a "Crown/R" proof. Antique pistols and revolvers. 375 Hammer/Blade By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified automatically via email when this item's price has dropped. & Co. 5" Long Barrel and 6 Round Capacity Specs Colt Single Action Army 357 Magnum Revolver For Sale - Nickel Finished 357 Magnum Colt with 7. 35x22mm rimmed Ordinanza Italiana, Black Powder This is a really nice example of the Smith & Wesson styled revolver made by the Eibar firearms manufacturers of Spain in the 1920's. 412 . It appears to have a larger bore than. It has "Orbea Cia Eibar" engraved on the barrel. The left hand side has the (EIBAR) CON PRIVILEGIO EN ESPAÑA”, serial number 3,189. Spanish Eibar/Ruby Pistols. Swivels, Studs, Parts. Large frame,5" barrel,tight double/ single action,6 shot,S&W copy,nice horn grips Inv # 215E Serial  The company was founded on 7 September 1920 in Eibar (Guipuzcoa), before on the creation of a new firm, specialising in high-quality revolver manufacture. It is chambered for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. Double Stack Magazine. this particular one was made later, by Gregorio Bolumburu, GB’s Ruby’s were made and imported for the U. Echasa Eibar Mab GZ 32 ACP Locking Latch Comprar Armas de Fuego antiguas Inutilizadas. Largest selection for sale in the United Kingdom. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. 44 Russian revolver, introduced in 1881. 38 Long Cartridge with six-shot revolving action and checkered wood grips. All parts kits sold on this site do not include a receiver. Aurora91sl 35,796 views. I believe this is a GARATE ANITUA revolver made at EIBAR and marked 1924. Copy of the Smith & Wesson N o 3 New Model, six shot, 44 cal. Arostigul, Salrador Revolver maker in Eibar, Spain. Star C. Some range from excellent quality to very poor. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX. It was produced in  The self-loading Ruby pistol is best known as a French World War I sidearm, the Pistolet F. Venue. 38 cal. Chambered in this case for . While "ALFA" was the trade name of the Adolf Frank company, that trade mark is not one they used. A. Gun Parts (341) Grips (1) Magazines (47) Pistol Parts (57) Colt Parts (24) Ruger Parts (65) Smith & Wesson Parts (164) Sports Cards (113) Winchester Parts (13) Raven Parts (63) Davis Parts (33) Jennings Parts (40) Mossberg Parts (14) Lorcin Parts (117) Rifle Parts (5) Remington Parts (13) Hi Point Parts (149) Llama (1) Davis Derringer (29 Fraudulent advertising on this website will be removed, and users who have posted these adverts will be removed, blocked and reported. France's standard issue sidearm, the Mle. It features a 6" blue'd barrel, cylinder and frame. Dec 10, 2014. 25 ACP 7 Round Magazine. $65. Pedro Arrizabalaga (Spain) 1983 Gun Catalog $ 13. The marking below the hame on the left side of the gun says Marca registrada Detective. Savage Navy Revolver. 1929-> Eibar Manufactured by Armero Especialistas Reunidas, located in Eibar, Spain, used from 1923 to 1929, so the revolver is of Spanish manufacture. Auction: 14418308 SD Eibar announce a match day agreement with Xiaolizi as its new back-of-shirt partner. Rifling is Excellent, Action is Perfect. and revolvers since 1929 Eibar admission proof for guns with old marks since 1929 Eibar proof used in Barcelona for guns with old marks since 1929 Eibar final proof for revolver since 1929 Eibar proof for semiautomatic pistols since 1929 Eibar special manufacturer's mark for guns made for foreign sales since 1929 Eibar smokeless proof for Revolver, Arizmendi y Goenaga - Eibar, → Back to lot list Lot No. LOGIN; TICKETS Apr 17, 2010 · It is a revolver. ) We Have over 42,000 Magazines for 1100 Models! IN GOD WE TRUST !! STAR Aug 09, 2010 · This is a spanish revolver formerly owned by the King Ferdinand of Romania, now part of the collection of the National Museum of History, in Bucarest, Romania. 2110. 44 caliber top break double action revolvers made by Orbea Hermanos and Orbea y Cia. English; Arabic; Belarusian; Bengali; Bosnian; Bulgarian; Chinese; Croatian; Czech; Danish I have a first gen Colt Trooper 4 inch 357 mag, took the factory wood off and installed a set of Hogue finger grooves, it with 4 speed loaders in a Carhart pocket is fun and effective carry, not coat season of course, but perhaps something to think about later on, a two speed loader carrier can certainly be easily concealed and accessible under a shirt anytime of year, it rides comfortably in 10 Dec 2014 Today's post is a guest article written by Mike Burns, taking a look at one of the S&W revolver copies made in Eibar for the French military. a. 5" Blued Barrel, 6 Round Capacity. 380 caliber pistol. Ruger 10 / 22. My feeling is that this revolver has always been a . on High Standard revolver. Savage 1921-28. 32 cal. A copy of Smith and Wesson’s famous line of revolvers, this gun was in a way the British Empire’s Ruby pistol, likewise manufactured in that wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Eibar and designed to fill the unexpected need for handguns at the beginning of WW1. Here we present a Guisasola Bros. Up for sale is a used Eibar single action revolver. 4. 22LR automatic revolver design, but few were ever manufactured and even fewer have survived. Serial number 15360, 6-shot fluted cylinder chambered for. My understanding is that this is a postWWI French military modification. Requires an FFL for transfer. Starr Revolver. It is A 38 cal. Pistola revólver plata y marfil m. NOTE: This is NOT a functioning firearm. Savage 720. This is a 9mm six shot pinfire revolver manufactured by the firm Orbea Hermanos of Eibar and so marked on the barrel. Vendido en Venta Directa: Pistola revolver lefaucheux eibar- arrate. The grips have emblems on them marked detective. Smith & Wesson Pistols and Revolvers. caliber having a nine-round capacity, a feature considered new at the time. 32 caliber Winchester CTG revolver with pearl grips. Location: Brighton,MI,USA. Utility Grade: it is gun #226 in the auction, unfortunately doesn’t offer any more information on Gaztañaga Destroyer was an automatic pistol designed by Isidro Gaztañaga in Eibar, Basque country, in 1913, using 6. Item Description: Translate description Serial no. /Wood Grips. Ruby pistol (Spanish: Pistola Ruby) is the common name for the Eibar-type pistol (Spanish pistols. Personal Blog Also brand name of Stoeger on Rohm revolver and Alamo Leather Co. Full Frame Pistol. George Zaoué was the arms manufacturer and retailer in Marseilles, France from 1841 to approximately 1861. It is chambered in 32 S&W, has a 4. HOD. y compre uno de esa misma marca pero del calibre 38 special long cartridge. 44 Caliber with a 5” barrel. The top part of The Book of the Pistol and Revolver is also available to purchase in print. No licence is needed in the U. #1 & #2, very fancy, side locks May 18, 2012 · On the side of the revolver that has the chamber release, it has SMITH & WESSON on the side of the barrel. 44 Russian and . Springfield 1922. $49. 9-grain bullet at 625 fps for a muzzle energy of some 106 ft-lbs. Many of these revolvers were converted from the . 38-. O. Eibar, city, Guipúzcoa provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Basque Country, northern Spain, lying east of Bilbao on the Bilbao–San Sebastián railway. Eibar Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,124 reviews of Eibar Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Eibar resource. Although it would be cool to start him off with it. May 10, 2010 · hola fanaticos!! soy Ignacio de Argentina, Rosario. Manufacturer of reproduction Sharp's rifles in Hoagland, Indiana since about 1971. It's in good used condition, and comes with all that's pictured. So why on earth make this primitive gun - unless it was for some kind of colonial export market? Auction: 8241809 Handgun For Sale - Revolver : GUISASOLA HERMANOS - SPANISH EIBAR 32-20 S&W STYLE REVOLVER NO RESERVE Apr 04, 2014 · Armscor Model 200 . The calibre was the 10,35, also known as 10,40, Italian Ordnance, used in revolver model 1874 and 1889, too. 38 LONG REVOLVER for auction. Eibar Spain 32 S&W Long Revolver Kit. Astra was formed by Juan Esperanza Salvador and Pedro Unceta in 1908 in Eibar, Spain, for the purpose of producing machinery and parts for various companies and industries. Wiki User. Yours is most likely a copy of the M&P. Mohaeibar Eibar. 327". These guns were produced in the 100s of thousands for the French, who were sorely in need of Firearms in WWI. The upper part of the barrel displays retailer markings, "Zaoué, Marseille" . May 21, 2017 · Barcelona 4 - 2 Eibar: As it happened, goals, match report Toni Albir (EFE) It did not look like the lead would last. Shows some wear and age. Spanish contractors A. Revolver d’ordonnance livré à l’armée française pendant la 1ere Guerre Mondiale acheter à l’Espagne car durant cette période, la France a été en grande pénurie d’arme de poing. loads, but maybe with all the “Most Powerful Handgun” people off Oct 16, 2014 · This meant a number of designs were readily and safely copied in the gun making region of Eibar. 38 Special revolver shooting BVAC ammunition at yellow silhouette target again - Duration: 6:23. clicking the buy-button next to each item. Fie Eig 25 Cal. 63 Shipping. INSCRITO DOMINGO ALBERDI EIBAR (1870 1887) Apr 18, 2015 · Does the pistol in the video look like your pistol? If it is a semi-auto pistol it has a recoil spring and rod inside. 32-20 6-Shot Revolver. Calibre: 8 mm. 1929-> Eibar May 29, 2020 · EIBAR, factory town One of Eibar’s peculiar urban features is the fact that factories and houses live side by side, sharing the same space and creating a unique situation of coexistence between family life and the sounds and smells of the machines. The barrel is marked 32. It does check out when compared to the handful of Eibar pistols in our reference collection, so we provide it here to be considered suggestive but not definitive. Belgium 7mm Pinfire Revolver gun pre owned second hand used Southerton Guns Habrough Lincolnshire DN40 3AP sold under Section 58 (2) of the1968 Firearms Act This Model B pistol was manufactured by STAR Echeverria in the city of Eibar, Spain in 1946 and was sent to the West German police after WWII. Well known as the French sidearm during World War I, the Ruby was copied by a variety of manufacturers and had a long service life spanning approximately forty years before it was replaced. 65 pistol was made in Eibar, Spain. OVERALL LENGTH – 6. Aug 24, 2015 - Star PS . Double Action. The poster needs to measure the chambers and bore to confirm which it is. On the other side it has 32 LONG CTG on the barrel and MADE IN USA at the trigger. 410, just go buy an old Cresent or one of the many rebranded versions of it. 32 caliber, rifled, blued barrel with 65%+ blued finish and clear "SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS" marking, on its top flat and a very fine cylinder face with blued surfaces (65%) and sharp Patent markings. The right side of the frame features an import marking. 25-inch barrel and wood grips. on the upper part of the hand grip in back are the letters ZC or ZG in a circle. Pero lo que nos debía era un directo netamente eléctrico, y para eso llega Enjoy, grabado en el centro de Madrid, en la sala Joy Eslava, capturando el ambiente de club. 38 Long ctgc. 25 INCH BARREL. SPANISH EIBAR MODEL S . Revólver, a lo largo de los años se ha ido especializando en lanzar directos básicos, formato del que Carlos Goñi fue pionero. 32 ACP. Among the city's architectural heritage we should emphasise the church of San Andres, which dates from the 16th century and accommodates a Renaissance There are currently no tickets available. $3. Traditions FR185118 Revolver 44 Black Powder 7. 38 and is likely a. long revolver. This was a clone to the Smith & Wesson hand ejector double action revolver. 32 . 00 $34. The demand was mostly for “RUBY” type pistols, the 9 shot, 7. period: Second World War (association); Creator: Manuel Escodin, Eibar, Spain; Materials. The town of Éibar is a municipality in the province of Guipúzcoa Year of manufacture: 1860-1870 8 to 8. Now the revolver itself could be a copy of a Smith & Wesson made by Fabrica de Armas Garantazadas in Eibar, Spain. Q. Esperanza y Unceta (later known as Astra) began manufacturing Eibar type pistols around 1911 under the trade name Victoria. 38 Special revolver. 32-20 Long. nice good used Spanish Ruby Automatic Pistol Cal 7. eibar revolver

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